Ayre QX-5 Twenty Makes its debut

Ayre AcousticAyre QX-5 Twentys provided the engineering nouse for Neil Young’s Pono player, which later informed the company’s first dedicated headphone amplifier: the Codex.

Founder Charles Hansen’s fundamental design principles include the use of in-house- minimum phase filters, fully discrete analogue output staging and absolutely no global feedback.

Those very same design principles can be found at the heart of the Colorado company’s newest high-end ‘digital hub’, the QX-5 Twenty, which also features one of ESS Technologies’ latest D/A converter chips – the ES9038PRO. Ayre’s minimum phase filter is implemented here by way of an FPGA.

For its data clocks (oscillators), Ayre collaborated with Russian manufacturerMorion. “A specially developed new doubly-rotated cut quartz crystal allows a high level of performance to be achieved without the need for expensive temperature-controlled ovens,” reads the press release accompanying the QX-5 Twenty’s launch. Continue reading

Auralic Announces Aries adds MQA & RoonReady Integration

“AURALIC LIMITED, are pleased to be the first developer of a complete line of high-resolution audio streamers to offer fully implemented capability for two of the industry’s significant new technologies: MQA® decoding and RoonReady® integration.”   These new features will be released soon as a firmware update to the Aries.  Aries Mini is not yet available for this capability but is is under development.


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF 2015) Denver, CO October 2-4, Marriott Denver Tech Center

Atomic Audio Labs will be debuting a new “Ultimate Reference” product line at RMAF 2015.  The Ultimate Reference audio racks will be in three rooms, with Ryan Speakers in room 486, with Aurender in room 9018, and Mojo Audio and Urban Hifi in room 1121.  This will be a semi-custom product range with build to order dimensional and aesthetic opportunities.  Each room will feature a different example of the design, color schemes and finishes. Continue reading