Owned and operated by audiophiles
committed to bringing you closer to the live performance.

Aurris Audio is owned and operated by audiophiles and music enthusiasts having more than 25 years of industry experience. Our team attends and supports regional trade shows, contributes to local audiophile events, and auditions countless components and accessories. We are enthusiastic about high quality audio gear that brings us closer to the live performance.

Aurris became an idea more than two years ago and in 2014 the key elements aligned. Combining our retail and in-house manufacturing businesses under one “roof”. Our team has assembled a portfolio of retail product lines from exceptional manufacturers to complement our in-house manufactured products. Our goal is simple: Deliver our customers products and service that have high-value and high-performance.

Our high-value model brings together the finest examples of several product categories.  We believe in all of these products, at every price point.

We continue to research and add new products to our offerings.  Most recently, an affiliation with Atomic Audio Labs has led to great product advancement and ultimately an acquisition from the prior owner and founder.  Atomic Audio Labs will be our manufacturing brand name sold here, as well as through a strong dealer network.

Atomic Audio Labs was established in 2010 and has been producing the highest standard isolation platform for the Apple Mac Mini media server since that time. The “Mac Platform” is now being complemented with several new products designed by Aurris. These products offer highly effective isolation and damping technologies to a larger range of products than ever before.

We asked the Atomic Audio Labs dealer network and direct customer base for input to enhance the product line. The feedback was thrilling and we got to work. We have reengineered the products. The high-quality, beautiful products are now offered in specific sizes with new features that customers requested.  Additionally, new product ranges are forthcoming and will include and “Ultimate Reference” series and “Performance” series to stand above and below our current “Pro Reference” series.

Aurris is actively developing industry partnerships that will create an excellent customer experience. Please join our mailing list to learn more as news is released.

Michael Galea